wendell: hi 10 days gr 1 stallion was renamed already by HOF acct in Facebook but why I still can't see him in the Lab and I want to unfreeze him. You can see on the pedigree of his progeny that he was renamed as Bob and frozen.Please bring him back. Apr 20, 2014 23:55:39 GMT 10
staretta: please tell me why I have bet on three different races and my horses have placed each time but the results show the placement in the winner circles but show the bet as looseing and no payoff Apr 19, 2014 5:08:46 GMT 10
Hooves Moderator: , not sure what you mean by checking on horse status from one day to two? We have considered reducing the breeding time, if it was included it may be a premium feature. Apr 17, 2014 10:30:00 GMT 10
lalaine: Hi Hooves Moderator, this morning when im trying to log in my account it says your account has been suspended, I dont know why i got suspended i didnt do anything bad pls do something about this matter i need my account asap. thank you and more power Apr 16, 2014 20:50:22 GMT 10 *
kajungambler: do you see in the future to bring down the waiting time for breeding from 48 to 24 hrs charge for it ill buy it Apr 16, 2014 8:25:49 GMT 10 *
kajungambler: Hello is there any way to check on status on horses from one day to two? also i never received a free horse as they say? Apr 16, 2014 8:25:21 GMT 10
kooshal03: i think this is not fair for VIP players :( Apr 15, 2014 14:17:02 GMT 10
kooshal03: :| - if i buy some new horses ped6 horses and start playing with them and set them free after some days then will i get a new horse as usual in the same day? because i need my new ped11 horse to play and i dont have cash to buy ped11 ... Apr 15, 2014 14:16:36 GMT 10 *
Hooves Moderator: @kooshalo3 if you sold/set free the last horse you were given, you may not receive another one for 7 days. Apr 15, 2014 10:18:47 GMT 10
kooshal03: i need an answer .... my stable is empty and he has been 2 days , i have not yet received a new baby horse !!! Apr 15, 2014 1:39:43 GMT 10
wendell: give SADDLESORE a price he deserves for praising you!he is like the self proclaimed hero of HOF!well done SADDLESORE MY HERO! lmao!!! by the way, GET LOST and mind ur own business!!! :p Apr 14, 2014 7:37:43 GMT 10
saddlesore: serves you right ! Some of the horse names on here are downright offensive. Well done Hooves. :) Apr 13, 2014 20:22:36 GMT 10
wendell: last night before I sleep I froze one of my horse named -Wendell- The Rapist then now I received a message from u that the horses' name was inappropriate.maybe somebody reported it.He is gone in the freezer now & don't know where u took him.bring him back! Apr 13, 2014 16:18:48 GMT 10
Hooves Moderator: , please contact us via the support page so we can follow up; Apr 11, 2014 15:16:20 GMT 10
gabbie: Dear Moderator,[br]Ive been playing hooves of fire more than 2 years and my account was banned from hooves of fire 9 days ago till now that my VIP has already expire and most of my horses have died.[br][br]Have mercy on me, please lift the ban of my account from ho Apr 9, 2014 12:50:48 GMT 10
Yung Bucc: big thanks to RAGIE RAPSING'S breeding stable EIGAR STABLE for selling me a 55 55 L4 mare named as 56 56 L5. I hope your little shanty hut in wakawaka land catches fire and you, you lying sack if sh!t are in it. Apr 8, 2014 7:02:32 GMT 10
saddlesore: its easy welly1972 You dont go to the horse market, just open the tab in the horse profile marked 'more' near where you feed and train and click on the sell icon and you can put the horse into the market :) Mar 27, 2014 19:30:53 GMT 10
welly1972: Can anybody tell me how to sell a horse, i have vip status, i have a 7 days selling licence but when i go to the market it only gives me an option to buy Mar 27, 2014 9:50:14 GMT 10
catmo: Hey, I've been gone for awhile. I forgot how to start over. I can't find my stable? Mar 26, 2014 13:00:06 GMT 10
graemebruce: that is a bloody good idea sir grant i wish they would do this and cant see why there would be a problem with it Mar 24, 2014 13:39:27 GMT 10