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Hooves Moderator: - chat is still in the game? Dec 10, 2018 8:55:38 GMT 10
globug: What happened to chat? Some enjoyed it just to comment with what ever came to mind. js Dec 5, 2018 8:47:38 GMT 10
Hooves Moderator: Horseshoes will break if they are left in storage without usage. Oct 15, 2018 10:07:08 GMT 10
yesh: Hi everybody. Hope you are fine. I have a 30ped stallion but I don't have any game cash. Can someboy help me with a stud please? Oct 14, 2018 0:40:17 GMT 10
hackerhenry: I purchased horseshoes and without ever using them, they are listed as broken What's up with that Oct 9, 2018 14:13:44 GMT 10
barbarahall: NVM...I found the answer Sept 25, 2018 8:25:08 GMT 10
barbarahall: I haven't played this game in awhile...will someone tell me how to add players or where to post to for friends, Thank-you!! Sept 25, 2018 8:22:05 GMT 10
barbarahall: add me and thanks :) Sept 25, 2018 8:16:29 GMT 10
ypenganja: hapnin Sept 23, 2018 13:26:55 GMT 10
josh: add me :) Sept 21, 2018 20:15:14 GMT 10
josh: My name is jstove01 Sept 21, 2018 20:15:10 GMT 10
josh: Anyone want to add me? Im starting to run out of money and i need to brush everyones horses. I will brush and feed your horses all the time. Sept 21, 2018 20:14:25 GMT 10
spargs: The game is now old and boring. No challenges left. I have max money and 30 peds. What am i to do now? Unless there are some real changes, i will not be renewing my vip as there is no incentive to do so. Jul 21, 2018 22:37:30 GMT 10
sakura: how can i raise money as fast as others are doing? Jul 21, 2018 15:20:21 GMT 10
sakura: please shoutout SAKURA Jul 21, 2018 15:19:40 GMT 10
ninomar7: i really want to play again HOOVES OF FIRE. can you UNBANNED my account? here my email on rubberduck ninomar_cuando2000@yahoo.com i promise i will follow your rules give me another chance. thank you Jul 2, 2018 10:20:20 GMT 10
jajamarcella: thankyou for this wonderful rules Jun 13, 2018 18:03:50 GMT 10
spargs: I've been playing pretty much since the beginning and the challenge isn't there any more. I have had max dollars numerous times and we have been on ped 30 for years. Don't think i'll be renewing my vip in 8 days as there is no longer a goal to aspire to. Apr 29, 2018 19:16:33 GMT 10
spargs: Way too many mouse clicks to do simple tasks. It takes 13 mouse clicks just to repair a shoe. Simplify it because it's becoming a real pain. Apr 29, 2018 19:14:41 GMT 10