July Indi 30 Ped (Elite rules)


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vip: i purchase a vip but i am still not a vip, why? Jul 6, 2024 23:23:40 GMT 10
Hooves Administrator: you can buy tokens from the website or the app stores by visiting City Hall or the links on the right hand side of the game on the website. May 20, 2024 15:48:23 GMT 10
debburf: I want to buy tokens how do I do that May 18, 2024 16:35:02 GMT 10
scrolldragsix: Hi i took a break from hooves and came back to find my 160T is not there I left with that amount im really down about this I have posted about it aswell please if any hooves of fire owner is looking at this, thank you! Mar 20, 2024 19:41:24 GMT 10
pawz: I lost 5m over night for no apparent reason. Can I please get that re-enstated Oct 13, 2023 2:18:51 GMT 10
jenfrost: I have entered my game I had a full complete stable full of horses I have been playing this game for a long time and now i have 6 stables i have to pay to expand with no money my horses are gone my money is gone which was quiet substancial please fix now Jul 6, 2023 10:05:56 GMT 10
nicopappas: fix your breeding last few days has been crap and not just me everyone i know Apr 27, 2023 11:05:49 GMT 10
opie: How do I enter a country to race Apr 3, 2023 7:09:19 GMT 10
garyyoung: how do i get tokens Mar 3, 2023 22:08:22 GMT 10
kajungambler: put lil jockeys on sell them Jan 28, 2023 13:55:57 GMT 10
kajungambler: we need more countries in champion Jan 28, 2023 13:54:59 GMT 10
bill: how do you post to team message board Aug 8, 2022 10:23:03 GMT 10 *
empoweredempire: i could get used to thisssss Jul 1, 2022 20:35:58 GMT 10
empoweredempire: Deep sea diven roubnd the block bikini bottoms lagar top.... Jul 1, 2022 20:35:20 GMT 10
Hooves Moderator: @littelgator go to HOME > Select the appropriate board you want to create a thread in > CREATE THREAD (top right) Mar 23, 2022 14:02:46 GMT 10
littlegator: how do i create a thread? Mar 22, 2022 1:06:22 GMT 10
littlegator: what does 555,, 655, etc. mean? Mar 21, 2022 2:42:18 GMT 10
rhod0813: hooves what are we going to do with dave he is cursing all the filipino and calling us DOGS plus cursing our friend you is dead . i think its time to ban him Jan 27, 2022 14:29:30 GMT 10
dianrahmat18: Kenapa VIP 7 Hari Belum Masuk Sedangkan Saya Sudah Membayarnya ? Jan 9, 2022 16:52:26 GMT 10
cis: why i cant buy vip using G- cash Using Facebook Nov 10, 2021 17:07:06 GMT 10 *
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